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“We want to prove that nothing is impossible to achieve. We will show what to do so as not to remain passive in a rapidly changing world," say the authors of RE:Akcja, Michał Marczak and Andrzej Szajewski. The main goal of the RE:Akcja program is to activate young people and show them how to spend their free time. The program will be carried out in the old hall at ul. Mińska in Warsaw, Re:akcja HOUSE. It will include, among others: workshops, meetings and shows. The camera will show what is happening in the hall and will also show the relationships between the program's characters - their friendships, conflicts, problems. A permanent element of the program will be reports from music and sports events taking place in various parts of the country, extreme sports competitions, etc. On the website you will be able to read and see what is happening in the DOM, watch recordings that did not fit into the program, join in discussion on the forum. The RE:Akcja HOUSE will be open to the re:akcja community. It will be a place where you can watch the implementation of the program and talk to people participating in it. Viewers will be able to present their ideas to the coordinator present in the shooting hall, and they will also be able to take part in various activities (exhibitions, workshops) organized especially for them. The DOM will change its architecture and character; Young artists will participate in the changes and, supported by the audience, will implement their projects.

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